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wind vector (Jon’s business)


2010 started a new phase for us when we finally moved back to Hong Kong after tramping around the world. Tersina joined the booming wine industry, putting both her marketing skills and her wine knowledge to good use in the fastest growing wine hub in the world.

Latest venture

Meanwhile, Jon has been busy improving PassagePlus, the navigation software. He also developed an iPhone app, a ship detection app and did some contract development work. He was even briefly ‘employed‘ by a university as IT expert to develop an iPad app! 

This year is another chapter. Sensing the misalignment between producers’ and consumers’ expectation, Tersina started her own business in January 2013, with the mission of promoting wine culture in Greater China so as to develop a sustainable wine market. Things have been moving quickly and smoothly for her so far.

As for Jon, he has all sorts of new ideas. The latest and most exciting one is music, after he played keyboard at Carman and Mark’s (our cousins) wedding in 2013. We had to move to a bigger flat to accommodate his new keyboard.

Travelling has been light in the past three years and with this new beginning, we (certainly Tersina) would like to resume more travelling. On her list are Mt Kinabalu, Mt Fuji, Mt Kilimanjaro, the Nepal side Everest Base Camp .... and of course all the wine areas...

We’ll keep you posted via this website.