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Ecuador - a brief encounter

Too little time, too much to see ...

Ecuador was our last stop in South America. The main objective was to visit the Galapagos, and this was excellent, as expected. We had assumed that mainland Ecuador would be similar to Peru. This turned out to be wrong, and we should have spent more time exploring the country .... never mind, there’s always a second time.

Ecuador is small compared to other South American countries. Yet, it offers tremendous diversity, with the advantage that everything is close together.

Most of the photos are of the Galapagos. They are divided into various albums so you won’t be overwhelmed. If you have a modern browser, dragging the mouse over an album will flick quickly through it, giving you an idea of what’s inside. Clicking on it will take you to the individual album page where you can see the photos in large format one by one, or as slideshows.

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