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2009 was our ‘China travel’ year in which we made visits to various parts of China from our base in Hong Kong. We also had a month in Mongolia.


March: Huangshan and Hangzhou

April-May: Shanghai, Xian, Tibet (see separate album) and Guilin (rice terraces, Yangshuo)

June: Longji rice terraces revisited, Lijiang and Tiger Leaping Gorge

July: Northeast China including Heilongjiang province (Haerbin, Zhalong Nature Reserve and Wudalianchi Nature Reserve), Changbaishan in Jilin province bordering North Korea, and Liaoning province (Dandong and Dalian).

September: Mongolia (see separate album), Beijing

November: Chengdu, Jiuzhaigou (cancelled), Macau

We ended up in Macau because bad weather in Jiuzhaigou meant that all flights were cancelled. In a way, rounding up our China year in Macau was kind of fitting, considering that we always went to Macau to wind down and relax when we worked in Hong Kong – travelling in China can at times be quite taxing.