2014 Japan, Europe, UMBRELLA MOvement

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Our Japan (Takayama and Kyoto) trip was an unplanned holiday. Cheap Cathay Pacific ‘fanfare’ tickets to Nagoya were available one week prior to the trip so we just grabbed the chance. It was short but fun, and we squeezed in a lot—alpine walking, sake tasting, geisha hunting, and generally soaking up the unique Japanese culture, language and food. We also managed to experience typhoon No. 11—another kind of soaking!

We were honoured to be invited to our friends’ 10th wedding anniversary celebration in Chianti in September, so we combined this with a volcano-hiking holiday in Sicily, an unforgettable experience! The timing also coincided with Jon’s mother’s 80th birthday and we managed to get most of the family members together for a celebration, including big brother Adam and two of his children, Sebastian and Zoë, all the way from Australia (unfortunately missing Jane, Leah and Tessa).

While we were in England, peaceful protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong over electoral reform and universal suffrage (now called the Umbrella Movement). We were saddened and felt helpless watching the police firing teargas at protesters. Tersina went back to Hong Kong on 30th September and witnessed the development of the movement...