2013 Europe and Chiangmai

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This was the first ‘serious’ holiday after our return to Hong Kong in 2010 and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Although we didn’t haul tons of camera gear (Jon now thinks it’s too heavy to carry the Nikon 700 and instead has a new toy, the Fuji X-E1), our photographic spirit hasn’t diminished. We took about 1,000 photos in three weeks!

This trip consisted of four parts:

London, England - with some fantastic lighting along the Thames that could never be found in Hong Kong.

Lake Geneva, Switzerland -  a special holiday with Jon’s mother around Lake Geneva.

Barolo, Italy - an indulgent five days of wine, food and all things good about Italy in the Barolo region. We have been waiting for this visit for some 15 years, after that first bottle of Barolo in Hong Kong at a time when we were wine dunces and had no idea what to expect.

Chiang Mai, Thailand - a tag-along 4-day break thanks to a Cathay Pacific promotion that turned out to be surprisingly good (apart from a few spoilt brats at the swimming pool on the last day).